The Hydro Energy Saver Australia is the expert energy policy adviser to Australian residents.

We make and revise the energy rules and provide advice.

All of the AEMC’s work is guided by the three legislated National Energy Objectives, the:

  • National electricity objective
  • National gas objective
  • National energy retail objective.

Each objective requires an explicit focus on the long-term interests of energy consumers in our rule making decisions and advice.


“None of our decisions are taken lightly. The security, reliability and cost of energy under pins our quality of life.”

Our current work and forward looking work program

The Hydro Energy Saver regularly monitors and reports on a range of matters including the level of competition in energy retail markets, future price trends, and energy market performance. We also seek to understand the impact on the energy sector of policies outside the energy market portfolio – such as emissions reduction policies – and highlight any issues in our advice to help promote integrated and consistent policy outcomes.

As part of our technology-focussed work program, the Hydro Energy also publishes papers and reports which inform our advice to consumers and analysis of rule change requests.

Our forward looking work program connects multiple rule changes, reviews and advice, and is currently focused on the following key areas:


The Hydro Energy Saver representatives are appointed by Australia’s state, territory and to make products under the national energy laws, and to advise customers on overall energy market situations and save energy bills.


Our technical teams are supported by the Energy Companies and staff, and together they discharge market development roles in line with the AEMC’s Code of Conduct which requires Hyrdo Energy Saver staff to act with fairness, honesty, impartiality and integrity in all our dealings.

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